Coach James is a nutrition and wellness professional and has been coaching and training professionally since 2011. As both a Group Trainer and a Personal Trainer, Coach James has had the honor of training fire fighters, nurses, former military officers, and former athletes.

If you’ve ever met him or trained with his audio workouts on Yolo, you’ll know what we mean we say that he’s a force of nature. Armed with limitless and infectious optimism and extreme dedication, James embodies the phrase “nothing is impossible.” He never misses a chance to remind us all that today is the best day to start living the life we dream of.


He specializes in healthy weight loss, strength training, functional fitness, agility and speed work. Coach James implements health and fitness strategies utilizing a holistic approach – by connecting physical fitness, nutrition, and the Life Outside of Fitness (L.O.O.F.) principle.

Coach James holds certifications from NCEP and CPR/AED has competed in Body building/Physique competitions in Las Vegas, NV and Nashville, TN – placing as high as 3rd place in 2015. He has been featured in the Reflections fashion magazine, on several radios shows discussing optimal health, wellness and relationship solutions, and is the featured cover model for a newly released lifestyle book entitled: LOC LIFE: Lifestyles of Tenacious Men.

If you like high energy, if you like constant motivation and if you like Tony Robbins, then James is the man for you. Check our James’ workouts — we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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