Dani Parker’s love for movement began in her first dance class at the age of 4. While continuing to pursue her career in a pre-professional ballet program, Dani’s battle with back pain and repeated injury led her to expand into a regular yoga, pilates and strength training practice to balance and heal her body.

Dani holds an undergraduate degree in neuroscience and was working at the DNA sequencing and analysis company 23andMe before deciding to dedicate herself to fitness, wellness and mindfulness.

Dani found a new sense of freedom, joy and empowerment that she’d never experienced before, and quickly enrolled in a 200-hour power yoga teacher training, followed by several fitness trainings shortly after, to begin sharing her love and passion for movement with others in a deeper way.


As a Group Trainer, Personal Trainer, and Yoga instructor, Dani coaches all over the Bay Area to help people push past perceived limitations, achieve health and wellness goals, and strengthen the body and mind. Dani’s classes integrate her passion for anatomical precision and mindfulness, while her movement and fitness style is informed by training in yoga, dance, running, HIIT, strength, and pilates.

Dani believes that when we show up to strengthen, open, and heal our bodies and minds, we are able to show up more fully to share our gifts with with the people and world around us. Check out her classes to experience her presence and commitment to helping each of us live better!

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