Runners! We’ve been working hard to create an awesome set of running workouts (among others) and are excited to share these classes with you, each for a different level of experience!

Go The Extra Mile
If you’re new to running or never had someone coach you through running techniques, this is the place to start. It’s a beginner level light treadmill jog for about a mile that covers a lot of the essentials of running technique. Coach Allison will gently guide you through the essentials of your form — what you should be doing with your arms, where your feet should be landing and more. A great place for beginners to learn while also challenging yourself!

If you find you’re panting half way through, don’t worry. When we say beginner, we don’t mean easy. We mean that most people can do this run if they set their minds to it. Unless of course if you’re injured or have a condition that prevents you from doing so, in which case you shouldn’t be getting on a treadmill in the first place!


Rolling Hills
If you’re short on time but want to get the most out of your workout, this is the perfect run for you. This short run with the high-energy Coach James will have you walking, jogging and running up increasing inclines. And there’s a sprint in there at the end for good measure. Between the inclines and the sprints, you’ll burn between 180 and 240 calories even though the run is under 1.5 miles. All you busy city folks — this is your jam.¬†Show yourself what you’re made of!



Speed Sprint City Plus
This is an advanced level sprinting class with Coach JJ. He’s taking no prisoners with this one! He will have you sprinting at some pretty tough speeds and challenging inclines to help your body burn fat, build lower body strength and to improve your endurance and Vo2 (the amount of Oxygen your lungs can hold). Not to mention burning some major calories and bumping up your metabolism for several hours. This is tough work. But we hear that you are tougher. Advanced runners — let’s see what you got!

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