If you’re anything like the rest of us, you probably struggle sometimes to make time for exercising. Between work, kids, social media, going out, hobbies and dating, working out can be hard to squeeze in 🙂 No judgment! No one is perfect and we value discipline precisely because it ain’t easy!

One thing that many of our users have told us is that the best way they’ve gotten past this is to workout during lunch hour. Here’s why this is a great idea and you might consider trying it:

1. Save time: most people that work in cities have a gym or two within walking distance of their offices. This means that you can cut out the commuting time if you go workout during lunch hour.


2. Endorphins high: working out gives you that oh-so-good feeling afterwards. As long as you don’t over-fartigue yourself, our energy levels are high peak because of increased endorphin and blood flow

3. Make new friends: chances are that some of your colleagues already work out during lunch hour or would love to have an extra push and accountability buddy. Or maybe that cute guy on the treadmill is just as curious about you as you are about him. Make habits, make friends!

Green and healthy vegan grain bowl with quinoa, butternut squash, kale and roasted chickpeas

4. Eat healthier: working out is a keystone habit for many people. This means that once you start doing it, you notice that you begin to pick up other good habits, creating a snowball effect of positivity in your life. You’re more likely to eat better during lunchtime and work more productively once you’re back at your desk.

So if your office is close to a good gym or outdoor setting, and of course a place to freshen up after sweating it out, try working out during lunch hour for a week and then let us know how it turned out for you! It’s not for everyone, but you never know until you try it. And we can all learn from our mutual experiments in health and happiness!

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