Gyms are one of those amazing places where people gather to better themselves and to collect other people’s germs. Unless you live in New York and take the metro a lot, the gym is probably the place you’re most exposed to other people’s sweat, blood and microbes.

To make sure that you’re only improving and not worsening your health when you go to the gym, make sure to follow our favorite tips on how you should stay safe!

1. Wipe down everything you touch before and after using it. Treadmill controls and support bars, bike handles, dumbbells and other weights, machines — everything you touch at the gym carries germs. All day long people sweat on gym equipment. So before you go pick up what they’re leaving behind for you, wipe it down! Better still, bring your own equipment when you can. So if you’re going to be using a TRX, yoga mat or something that you can easily carry with you, make sure that you do. And when you’re done with it, give it a good wash!

2. Wash your gym clothes. This seems kind of obvious but you’d be surprised at the astounding number of people who admit to frequently not washing their gym clothes between workouts! It’s almost 1 in 5. So if you’re one of those people, do yourself a favor and in this case, protect yourself from your own germs!

3. Wear footwear in the shower and pool area. Flip flops or crocs (yes, they’re useful sometimes!) are your best friend when you’re walking around the wet areas at the gym. Protect yourself from fungal spores and such by making sure you’re not walking in other people’s run-off. The same goes for the sauna — make sure that you don’t sit directly on any surface but instead on a towel or dry cloth.

4. Bring your own BPA free water bottle. The water fountain at the gym can easily catch dripping sweat off people’s faces and hair which contaminates the water. Knowing this, would you want to drink it? We didn’t’t think so either 🙂

5. Watch and wash your hands. Be careful where you put them, especially on your own body. If you have any open wounds, acne or blisters, don’t touch them. And of course, avoid touching your face at all costs. After using any kind of communal equipment, make sure to wash your hands. It’s the perfect timing between reps and boy does washing your face after a cardio workout feel good!

Be safe. Be smart. Be healthy.

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